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"A real page-turner. Definitely a home run." ★★★★★


She has a dark past. And a deep connection with a serial killer.


Three years ago, criminal defence lawyer Siya Rajput left her career behind when she made a devastating mistake. 


But now, a brutal murder with a mysterious connection to her mother’s sixteen-year-old disappearance could convince her to return.

Is Siya’s mother still alive? Her oldest nemesis—a depraved serial killer in jail—seems to know the truth…

...but everything comes at a cost.

Siya must now return to the life whose demons still haunt her while another psychopath stalks and preys on women. 


Saving them and finding the truth about her mother could make Siya question everything about her life…and also get her killed.


I am Udayan Adhye and I write under the pseudonym of UD Yasha. I have grown up in a family of readers and around piles of books; the old kind that smell great. So, I have always loved to read and one point when I was 15, I wondered if I could write a novel as well. It was a casual thought and didn't really go anywhere. 


Then, everything changed for me when I read Lee Child, who remains my favourite author even now. Reading the Jack Reacher books was a meditative experience; almost like Lee Child was talking to me. Funnily, later on, I got to know that Lee Child had a similar experience with his idol, John D. MacDonald, the author of the superb Travis McGee series.

Eventually, I wrote my first book at the age of 19. The second at 21, and then four between 24 and 25.

Three books in the Siya Rajput Crime Thriller Series are out right now. I am currently writing a completely new series. The fourth book of the Siya Rajput series will come out in early 2021.



I love to hear from my readers. You can write to me on udyasha.author@gmail.com.

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